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Online Courses & Support

Dreaming of a well-trained, owner-focused, take-anywhere kind of dog? Looking for immediate help? Would you prefer to work at your (and your dog's) own pace at home? Then you are in the right place!

I have created clear, effective online training courses to help turn your dream dog into a reality! From day one puppy training (my FREE course), through to advanced distraction training and solving reactivity issues, this resource has something for everyone.


Members gain immediate, unlimited access to instructional training videos, step-by-step training plans, trouble-shooting sections and webinars. Come join us in our private Facebook group where we support, motivate, and cheer each other on!​​





"Settle is going well - and I’ve been having a few successes with the loose lead too! - so again, thanks again for devising a programme that suits a busy mum like me and a short attention span dog like Austin - little and often suits us well."

Karine with Austin

The Courses

You & Your New Pup

Bringing a new pup home can be a wonderful, exciting, happy time but it can also be overwhelming, especially when the biting and hanging off trouser legs start!

This course will guide you through toilet training, night-time routine, helping your pup cope (and love) being home alone, jumping, nipping, chewing and much more.




Life Skills (Level 1)

Life skill training teaches your dog cues that will ensure you can enjoy indoor and outdoor life together! This includes loose lead walking, recall, settling on a blanket, along with many more useful cues.

This course is suitable for novice to experienced owners and dogs of all ages, with 28 instructional training videos showing you every training stage.


Life Skills (Level 2)

Ready to build on your dog's life skill training? This course will develop your and your dog's understanding of different training methods and concepts.

A deeper understanding will ensure you can communicate with your dog. With good, clear communication your dog will be attentively focused on you and be motivated to carry out cues when you ask... perfect!


HELP! My Dog Gets Distracted!

Does your dog struggle to listen to you when distractions are present? Distraction training is what you need to work on!

The goal of distraction training is to ensure your dog will carry out all cues, no matter what is in their environment, vital for 'outside' cues - loose lead walking, impulse control and of course... recall!

Reactive to Relaxed

For dogs who react to anything (e.g. people, dogs, kids, joggers, bikes, sounds, through the fence etc.) whether your dog is reacting due to fear, anxiety, excitement, frustration or even a mixture!

Gain stress-free dog walks once more! Suitable for all dog owners, with ​46 videos to guide you through everything.​

Overcoming Firework Fears

Many dogs can struggle to cope with fireworks night (which can unfortunately now last many weeks!) It is understandable that this situation can be very worrying for our dogs, but there is lots of training we can do to help them cope and overcome their fears.

This 45-minute webinar and downloadable resource will guide you through everything you need to know and work on.




Fireworks and dog.png



Overcoming Separation Anxiety

Does your dog struggle to be left home alone? Or maybe you are preparing your dog to start being left home alone?

This 40-minute webinar will guide you through all the training stages to ensure your dog LOVES being home alone!


Co-operative Care

Many dogs struggle with being handled. This could involve clipping their nail, cleaning their ears, grooming, towel drying their feet etc.

Co-operative care helps you to solve this struggle. The training gives your dog choice about the handling you are doing, by giving your dog choice they let you do so much more than you think they would!

These training videos will show you everything.


Muzzle Training

Muzzle training all dogs; no matter their age, size or temperament is so important. This could be to prevent scavenging on walks, for safety or to help prepare your dog for a worst-case scenario. 


By working through this training your dog will be comfortable and will even look forward to wearing their muzzle!

These training videos will show you everything.

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