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Let's get started...

Booking process - 

  • Please fill out the form below, when submitted this will be emailed directly to me.

  • I will be in touch with an appointment suggestion for your first session (and any recommended changes to the package format).

  • Once a mutually suitable day/time have been agreed payment options will be sent to you (bank transfer, Paypal or credit/debit card). Full payment is due within 48 hours to secure your appointment slot.

  • When payment has been received you will receive a confirmation email with all the details regarding your sessions (e.g. Zoom call links, what to do, what to prepare etc.) and I will get in touch with your Vet to arrange a referral.

  • After your initial session I will send you a training report with all the topics/exercises we covered written down. We can then organise your follow-up session once you are ready (please note I normally require at least 3 weeks notice, follow-up sessions must take place within 3 months of the initial session). 

  • Please read the terms and conditions (click here to view). In proceeding to use my services you are accepting the full terms without variation.

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If booking a package that involves a Zoom call, what days/times suit you best for calls (you can select multiple options)?
If booking a package that involves in-person sessions, what days/times suit you best for the sessions (you can select multiple options)?
If booking the in-person package, where would you like the session to take place?
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