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Clinical Animal Behaviourist working across Scotland

I can help you enjoy life with your dog using ethical and effective methods

When our dogs struggle it can make life very stressful for all. It can turn everyday, simple, should-be-enjoyable tasks (e.g. dog walks!) into challenging situations that cause stress, frustration, worry, and upset (and not just for our dogs!) After all, we just want to ensure our dogs are living their best life!

If this sounds familiar you are in the right place... I work with owners to give them the right tools, coaching, and support to help them change their dog's behaviour. Sessions can take place in your home, garden, and out on dog walks - where ever you need the training to work. You can enjoy the everyday with your dog again.

I work throughout Scotland covering Perthshire, Dundee, Fife, Stirling, Edinburgh and the Lothians for in-person session and across the globe for online sessions (from Uist and Italy to even Los Angeles!)


Hi! My name is Karen and I have 18 years of experience working with animals as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Registered Veterinary Nurse and dog trainer. I am a qualified animal behaviourist with a diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour from Edinburgh University, and am a full member of the ABPC.

Only scientifically proven methods which are kind, positive, and force-free are used. I can help you change your dog's behaviour without using punishment, fear, or intimidation.


How I can help you...

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For dogs who become stressed and display barking, lunging, growling, and snapping (or backing away and freezing) in any situation.

I can help you manage and overcome these issues so you can enjoy life with your dog.

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For dogs who are comfortable in a situation, but need to learn to keep focused on you.

From puppy training to progressing your dog's recall around distractions,

I can help you train your dog to focus on you.

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For owners who would like immediate help along with space and time to work at their own pace.

You & Your New Pup (FREE)

Life Skills 1 & 2

Reactive to Relaxed

HELP! My dog gets distracted!

Overcoming Firework Fears

Overcoming Separation Anxiety

Co-operative Care


"Having space to talk about my dog, getting advice and a plan I think will increase my understanding of my dog. Karen worked with him so I could see the techniques we had been talking about and then practice them whilst she was there."

Frances with Treo

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