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Training & Behavioural Sessions

I know how difficult it can be to own a "problem" dog. Dog walks can be a challenging chore that leaves you constantly scanning the horizon for distractions, ready to change direction immediately! I have experienced this with our rescue Border Collie that reacted to other dogs and traffic, and with my 'I want to be friends with everyone' Labrador puppy. As a Vet Nurse I saw many dogs struggle with the stress of a Vet and groomer visit. The worry can really take its toll on everyone.

If this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place. I can help you enjoy life with your dog using ethical and effective methods.

(P.S. both my dogs are relaxed, focused, with excellent super-speedy recall even around the biggest distractions, so it can be done!)

IMG_5633 (2).jpg

"Obama was extremely reactive to dogs. After working on building his confidence he greets and plays with dogs with no problems and I can easily call him away from dogs he seems wary of. 

It's honestly like having a new dog."

Rosie with Obama the Chihuahua

reactive dog training

How is works

I see all dogs as individuals and believe the most effect way to overcome issues is using a tailor made plan, that fits in with your schedule. This sets you and your dog up for success.

The internet, social media, friends, family, and neighbours often give you conflicting advice leaving you confused and unsure where to start. I can help you by providing a tailor-made plan for you and your dog to follow and I will guide you all the way.

I offer training and behavioural session packages.


  • The first meeting is all about talking through your dog's behaviour, what your goals are, how we can set your dog up to be in the best mind frame possible to learn, and some foundation behaviours.

  • The second meeting is working through the practical training to overcome the issue and/or train new behaviours. If appropriate, I will demonstrate the training with your dog and then coach you while you practice.

  • Follow-up sessions are available to add onto your package if/when you feel you would like more support.

I only take on a limited number of clients to ensure I have lots of time during the day to support you, answer your questions promptly, and to guide you through any changes we need to make to our plan.

Pet Insurance

As I am a full member of the APBC many pet insurance companies will cover my fees when working on behavioural issues. Please get in touch with your company to ask.


"Called Sadie off another dog less than 10m in front of her today and she came back! Trained her recall using a whistle based on the Karen's training plan.

She’s only 8 months old and I can
walk her with confidence and know that she responds to me. It makes for such a nice dog walk!"

Jenny with Sadie the Lab

Package details

Three comprehensive package options
full of support...

Option1 -

The sessions -

  • Two hour session meeting at your home.

  • One and a half hour follow-up session meeting at your home and/or dog walk.

PLUS all the support listed below.

Option 2 -
online & in-person 

The sessions -

  • One and a half hour session online via Zoom.

  • Two hour follow-up session meeting at your home and/or dog walk.

PLUS all the support listed below.

Option 3 -

The sessions -

  • One and a half hour session online via Zoom.

  • One hour follow-up session via Zoom to develop the training.

PLUS all the support listed below.​

The Support
(included in ALL packages)

Yes! I will support, guide, and help you every step of the way (I will be you and your dogs cheerleader!)

  • Information gathering from you and your vet, to help me plan and make the most of our time together.

  • A written plan sent to you after each session.

  • Regular check-ins between sessions to ensure everything is on track.

  • Direct email/phone support for 12 weeks after our second session to address any queries, so that you have timely guidance and reassurance when you need it.

  • Unlimited access to one of my online courses that will give you immediate help before we meet.

  • Access to a private client Facebook group.

  • Organising a Veterinary referral, liaising with your Vet, and completing Pet Insurance paperwork (only required when working on behavioural issues).


There may be an extra charge to cover travel expenses. I cover Perthshire, Dundee, Fife, and Stirling for in person sessions. Travel is calculated from Scone, Perth. If you would like a quote please get in touch.

Pet Insurance

As I am a full member of the APBC many pet insurance companies will cover my fees when working on behavioural issues. Please get in touch with your company to ask.


"Indie was very reactive to other dogs, his reactivity showed in excessive barking – not immediately dangerous but very embarrassing…
We turned to Karen for help. We are now able to greet other dogs in a controlled and polite manner when given the time and simply walking past other dogs is a lot more peaceful."

Christina with Indie the Yorkie

yorkie reactive dog training
  • Why Pet Behaviour Consulting?
    It's a bit of a minefield with regards to finding a suitable trainer and behaviourist. Making the wrong decision isn't just a waste of money, it's also potentially damaging to your dog and can cause you (and your dog) significant problems in the long run. ​ I have numerous academic qualifications, along with approval from Victoria Stilwell, Karen Pryor, and Veterinary Surgeons, to ensure you and your dog are in safe hands. ​ To view my qualifications, experience and recommendations please read the 'About' page.
  • What does the training look like?
    My approach uses positive reinforcement-based, force-free methods. We will motivate your dog to work for you whether this is when training a super fast recall around distractions or when working on changing unwanted behaviour. We want your dog to do what you ask because they want to, not because they are scared of what will happen to them if they don't. When working on behavioural issues we will work on changing your dog's emotional response to a trigger (i.e. anxiety/fear/frustration to calm/positive feelings). If your dog feels better reactions reduce and stop! I will demonstrate the training to you with your dog (if appropriate) and then I will support and guide you while you practice.
  • Can you guarantee that you can solve the problem?
    Quite simply, no. Nobody can guarantee anything when it comes to a dog's behaviour because they are not machines that we can simply re-programme. For that reason, you should be very wary of anyone who guarantees anything of the sort! ​ The successful outcome of the situation depends on several factors: our assessment of the situation and advice, your involvement and active participation in the progress, and your dog's response. ​ What I can guarantee you is that I will use my skill and expertise to determine the issues and develop a personalised plan based on sound, scientific understanding, using ethical and kind strategies to help you to achieve your training goals.
  • Why is remote training a good idea?
    Often people are told to attend group classes and/or to get a person into your home to help you and your dog. This can be beneficial for some dogs, but not all. Dogs are individuals and not one approach will suit everyone. It can be difficult for a dog to learn new cues in front of big distractions (like a new person in their home, or in front of lots of dogs in a class). This is why learning online can be helpful. It gives you and your dog time and space to learn new training BEFORE asking your dog to listen to you in front of distractions - it can set everyone up for success! We always use the kindest and most effective training methods, and sometimes that can mean remote training is the best option. Online training and behaviour help can be very effective. I have previously worked with clients from Uist to Los Angeles who have managed to work through their dog's behavioural issues successfully. There are many ways we can assess and change your dog's behaviour without seeing each other in person.
  • Why could my Vet be involved?
    It is important to liaison with your Veterinary Practice and to view your dog's clinical history before we start behavioural training together. If working on training (i.e. teaching your dog new behaviours like recall, lead walking etc. rather than solving an issue like reactivity or separation anxiety) your Vet will not need to be consulted before we start our sessions. Many medical conditions can contribute to behavioural issues, this needs to be taken into account when working on changing behaviour. Simply put - we could do all the training in the world to help your dog overcome their issues, but it is unlikely to help if a medical issue is fueling your dog's behaviour. We need to cover this base. When you sign up to work on behavioural issues a Veterinary Referral form will be sent to your Veterinary Surgery for completion via email. This ensures your Vet is happy for us to work together and keeps them up-to-date.
  • Can I claim the costs on my pet insurance?
    As a full member of the APBC many pet insurance companies will cover my fees. Please call your insurance company if you plan to claim. Claiming on your insurance is assessed on a case-by-case basis so it is best to check first. Please inform your company that I am a full member of the APBC - companies only cover fees of behaviourists who are members of particular organisations (the APBC being one of them). To book in a behavioural session package the fee is required within two days to confirm your appointment days/times. Then you can claim the cost back from your insurance which will get paid directly to you.
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